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An Inaugural Blockchain Conference at the US Capital.


Neu Entity had the opportunity to work with our client, the Chamber of Digital Commerce, to design and brand this historic event.

The conference was attended by some top names in the industry, and featured speakers and attendees from Deloitte, IBM, Microsoft, Nasdaq, PWC and many more.

There was also a panel talking about the Blockchain Alliance, and attended by Homeland Security and FBI.

We are so proud of the event and salute our client for being one of the sponsors and organisers for this amazing conference.

“Everyone was blown away with the signage, branding and program. The event hall even asked us for permission to use photos from our event — because they said it was the best set up they had ever seen in their auditorium, and want to use it as a model for future events.”

Perianne Boring

President, Chamber of Digital Commerce

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