Benefits of Business Model Canvas

05 April 2021

I’m Hanafi, a Brand Consultant here at Neu Entity. Previously, we discussed 9 different segments of the business model canvas. Here, we are going to tell you in-depth about how it will benefit you. 

Benefit #1: Quick

It helps you to plan your business concept “Quick”. The advantage of having a business model canvas is that you can get quick glances at what you want and need to set up your business on one sheet of paper. Without it, you might take longer to plan on your business concept, it can take you up to 40 pages or rather hundreds of page reports. 

Benefit #2: Overview

It gives you an “overview” of your business plan. You can understand the whole business just by looking at one business model canvas and that’s only possible because you have 9 different segments which are the main point that you need to focus on when wanting to start a business. It allows you to pivot quickly in times of need especially when we were experiencing COVID-19 last year which was really hectic with a business model canvas and with a better overview, you can quickly decide what you want to do next. 

Benefit #3: Clarity

The third benefit gives you clarity. As why it gives you clarity is simple, you’re able to look through the whole plan on a zoom out perspective, and often times whenever we do brand strategy for our clients they find clarity at the end of the whole business model canvas part of the reason it gives them a lot more focus on their business and they are very clear on what they want to do next. 

So there you go. Three reasons why having a business model canvas is beneficial for you. It also helps you to manage your time better and focus on more important details. If there are any inquiries you can reach us on our social media platforms. 

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