What We Can Do

We understand that creating a strong brand is essential for the success of any business.

That’s why we offer a wide range of services to help you establish a powerful brand identity.

What we do

brand strategy


Purpose Discovery
Brand Attributes
Brand Positioning
Brand Experience
Audience Breakdown
Objective Prioritisation
Information Architecture

brand visualisation


Logo Design
Identity System
Design Direction
Website Design
Collateral Design
Stationery & Signages
Social Media Branding

brand activation


Social Media Management
e-Commerce Websites
SEM / SEO / FB Ads
Lead Generation
Content Marketing
Strategic Reviews
Performance Analysis

Our Approach

retainer service


Our approach (NBX) is based on a retainer model. We start off the process with a discovery and strategy phase, to understand your purpose, audience, attributes and positioning. Having those clarified will allow us to prioritise the work involved and map it out on a timeline.

We will then begin executing on the work based on the priorities and UX, while applying the identity system (visual language, design treatments etc) on all deliverables we create, thus resulting in a unified, consistent and premium brand for your company.

We understand that in the business world today, things move at light speed. Our strategy will keep us on track on what to work on next, and what to prioritise in order to have the maximum impact on the business.


At times, you may require single, one-off projects to be carried out by our team, and this may not warrant the retainer approach.

Projects like — executive reports, fund raising pitch decks, enterprise website design & development and search engine marketing campaigns — may be taken on via a time and materials approach.

We will define and scope the project, and provide you with a fixed bid quote and project time frame for your consideration.

adhoc projects

Let’s Talk!

If what you see here is relevant for you and can help you grow your business or organisation, we’d love to discuss further with you. Drop us a message or schedule an appointment with us.