Changing Role in Branding Agency

Last Update: 17 March 2022

Author : Halim
Article Category : Commentary

Journey from Web Developer to become Digital Marketer in Branding Agency.

Working in a branding agency is not an everyday job where you apply for a specific role and then stay there forever. A branding agency always has new innovation and improvement that they want to achieve. If you become a part of a Branding Agency, you will never stop learning. To achieve success, the Agency is always looking for new ways to improve its services. Are you ready for that kind of challenge?

If you aren’t able to keep up with change, or resist it for that matter, you won’t sustain a long-term career in advertising. I was a web developer who specialized in WordPress for a branding agency for four years, but as the company grew and changed, I had to learn new ways of doing things. Now at my company we don’t use WordPress anymore. So if you asked how my career is going now? I can say my career is still fine and it’s continuing to grow.

I can adapt to new challenges and continue growing as I continually work to improve my skills. Now that I am shifting from web development to marketing, my career is also evolving.

If you now also facing same experience with what i had experience, and now you are do not know what you need to do or how you adapat in this kind of situation. I have 3 point of advice that maybe can help you, so you career also evolving

If you are now facing the same experience that I too once faced and now don’t know what to do or how to adapt in this kind of situation. I have 3 pieces of advice that might help you, so that your career can also evolve.

  • Willing to learn Loyal Jack Lewman once said, “Never stop learning.” The desire to continue improving is essential to one’s growth as a professional and as a person. you need to be willing to learn if you want to grow. If you don’t make an effort to learn new things, you will never change and become stagnant. If you can’t adapt to a new situation or role that is assigned to you at work, then it isn’t your fault because you don’t want to improve and learn ?
  • Invest in your new skills You can take courses that can speed up your learning progress. Such courses will help you learn on your own time and boost your strengths as a marketer. I also invested in my SEO skillset after taking a two-month SEO course and it has become one of my assets today.
  • Make Sure you are in right company Do you know who the actor is who plays Tony Stark/Iron Man? Well, it is Robert Downey Jr. Before playing in Iron Man, did Robert Downey Jr. play in other films as well? Yes, he did. But he became famous when he played in Iron Man and Avengers. Why was Robert Downey Jr. not famous when he played for other films? And why was Robert Downey Jr. famous when he played in Iron Man and Avengers? The reason Robert Downey Jr. became famous was not because of the films but because of how well-known the film franchises were that he contributed to. When you ask to change your job role, make sure that your company is willing to support you with training and time to learn the necessary skills. Giving you time to get up to speed can help your transition into the new role be more successful.


Changing roles within a job or adding new job duties can be good or bad. It all depends on the situation and how you respond to it. You are more likely to see positive results if your company is supportive of these changes and if the skills required for this new role help you grow in your career. I recommend giving it a try. Let’s talk about it if you are unsure what to do next.

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