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Last Update: 15 November 2021

Author : Ferdaus
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Free Brand Moodboard Template

Here’s a freebie for you – A moodboard template to start your Brand Identity! We know why Brand Identity is important, it sets a direction for your brand and consistency throughout your collateral, making it distinguishable. Before we give you the freebie, you should understand the power of a moodboard.

What is a moodboard?

Moodboard is a collection of visual presentations which consist of designs, images, shapes, text, symbols, and colours that represent your brand. It allows you to have a style guide and concept for your brand. A moodboard is the first step to ensure your brand has a consistent style & direction in every promotional, products, and marketing needs. You can always look back and rely on your moodboard for inspiration.

Why do you need a moodboard?

  • Give you a step by step to build a clear design direction that we want to use in space.
  • Assist you to express the vision you have in mind for the project.
  • A moodboard is an efficient way to express your visual ideas to others when you’re having trouble explaining concept ideas.
  • A moodboard is a good starting point to get things done and help you focus on your next idea and very convenient visual communication.

Here are the lists to put on your moodboard:

  • Imagery

Putting images in your moodboard is one thing you should never forget. It represents how your brand looks and also gives direction for photography composition.

imagery image
imagery image

  • Interior

Interior helps you to visualize your chosen color palette to be applied on walls & furniture and it shows you how the combinations of colors merge together.

interior image

  • Typography

Typefaces play an important role in your brand. It defines who you are and the characters inside it. You can play with serif and sans serif font, arrange the layout, adjust the size, and overall it’s like a poster.

typography image

typography image

  • Interface & Screen

Placing a sample of UI/UX design to your moodboard to see how your outcome looks like in website or mobile view.
uiux image

  • Stationary

Apply your design to products like pencil, lanyard, notebook, tumbler or anything!



  • Motifs & textures

You can put any textures or motifs that you like in your moodboard. It can be used as the background and other identity of your brand.


  • Signages

Shapes or symbols that can represent your concept.



Putting it all together

After you are done collecting all of your visuals, you can start to collage everything into one board using our template and Voilà! You finally have your moodboard. Dowload Moodboard Template


Creating a moodboard is an efficient way to help you build your brand. By making one, it helps you explore and find your own style in the process. Moodboard can be one of the best ways to convey the message of your brand that you want to share to your audience.

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