Hiring a branding/marketing agency or individual employee

Last Update: 12 October 2021

Author : Redzuan Azman
Article Category : Commentary

Hiring a branding/marketing agency or
hiring an individual employee ?

Are you debating between hiring a Brand and Marketing agency and hiring an in-house employee for your business?While both options have its advantages, we will break it down the Pros and Cons of each side and why hiring an agency is generally the best option for smaller businesses in this post. 

Pros & Cons of Hiring an Individual Employee for your Branding and Marketing Needs

Pros hiring Individual Employee

  • Hiring someone who works exclusively for your company
  • Undivided attention for your company
  • Paying only their salary and benefits
  • Budgeting may become easier.

Cons of Hiring an Individual Employee

  • May not be able to handle and support the needs of the company
  • The skills and knowledge of one person may be limited.
  • Ample time is needed to teach a single employee all the new skills they need.
  • Paying all of their benefits, as well as their salary, could be costly.

Pros & Cons of Hiring an Agency for your Branding and Marketing Needs

Pros hiring an Agency

  • Your company benefits from the expertise and knowledge of multiple people.
  • Employees of that agency are specially trained in what they do making them “experts” in their field of work.
  • You work with a team that is devoted to your projects and business needs.
  • You may save your business money and time in the long run by hiring an agency
  • Cons hiring an Agency

    • Certain agencies specialize in a narrow and niche range of industries.
    • Their methods may be different to what you may know.
    • The marketing agency you hire has a lot of clients while you are focused on your business.
    • Only good agencies will always set their priorities and realistic deadlines.

    Hiring an Agency is an investment

    While it is not always clear when to keep your marketing efforts in-house or move/outsource them to an agency, there are certain situations where one option is preferable to the other.

    The big question then isn’t whether small. businesses can afford an experienced marketing agency, but how much time, money, and opportunity are they losing by trying to do these marketing services in-house.

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