How to Grow Your Business Through Marketing

Last Update: 30 July 2021

Author : Haidar Anuar
Article Category : Commentary

What Owners need to do when they are growing their business ?

There are certain things business owners need to do when they are growing their business. Be compliant, deliver value, and of course Marketing. You need to keep marketing your business out to the world.

Question is, what goes into marketing?

Plenty of things actually. To simplify it and put it in order, there are 3 aspects of marketing. When you market, there is

The 3M’s of Marketing (MESSAGE, MEDIUM, METHOD)

Step 1: Have a clear Message

What do I mean? If you are sending out a promotional poster or knowledge based content, you’ll need to know what the message is first. Growing your business is by delivering a clear message to your audience. Your audience will follow your business if your message is easy to understand and easy to trust, especially when your business message is aligned to them.

Step 2: Find the right Medium

Then figure out which Medium and which platform appeals to your audience. Should your message be on Social media? If so, which platform is it – Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin? Should it be in video or would a blog post be best for your audience?

You also can check Social Trends in 2022, for you to get better understanding about your audience

Effectively grow your business by reaching out to your audience on the right Medium.

Remember, your thought process shouldn’t be, “Do I put on Facebook or Instagram?” You need to know your message first, before knowing which medium to put in.

Step 3: The best Method

Now you think about METHOD. What method would be best for you to grow your business?

Here when i mention METHOD, what I’m referring to is workflow. The more efficient your method of creating content and distributing it through the different mediums, the more you are able to churn out content.

I mean, You could do it on the spot of creating and distribution or the METHOD could be you plan the whole week out. Which one is a better use of your time resource?

Having said that, efficiency does not mean much if the message and medium is off target.

Want to know how to grow your business through marketing?

Always follow the 3 Steps: MESSAGE – MEDIUM – METHOD

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