Instagram Custom Audience Tutorial For Your Real Estate Business

Last Update: 19 August 2022

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Are you looking to use Facebook Ads to grow your Real Estate Business or Get New Lead? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

In our last article, we talked about Facebook Audiences and How To Use Facebook Custom Audience To Increase Your CTRs.

In this article, we’ll talk about Instagram account Custom Audience that you can use for your real estate business.

What is Instagram Custom Audience ?

Facebook Ads Instagram Custom Audience is a new feature that allows advertisers to create audience based on anyone who has engaged with your account or a more narrow selection, such as people who have viewed an ad, or people who have visited a particular page or post. This can help advertisers find people who have already shown interest in their business, so they’re more likely to convert into customers.

Things to do before using Instagram Custom Audience

if you are a real estate business owner and want to use instagram ads for your real estate business, then you should consider using facebook ads instagram custom audiences.

Before start using instagram custom audience for your real estate business, there are some things you need to do first.

1. Have a Professional Instagram Account

Make sure that you already have a professional instagram account (with at least 50 followers).

2. If you don’t have any post on instagram yet

then create one and make sure that post has some engagement with the audience (more likes and comments) .

3. Create a list of hashtags

Create a list of hastag that related to real estate business such as #RealEstateAgentTips and etc.

4. Gets more engagement

After creating your post, you need to wait until it gets more engagement from the people who follow your account (you can use instagram analytics tool to check how many people like your post).

In most case, if you have less than 50 followers on instagram, then this time will be longer (up to 3 months). But if you have more than 100k followers on instagram, then this time will be shorter (less than 2 months). So make sure that when your post gets enough engagement from people who follow your account.

How to use Instagram Account Custom Audience

To create an Engagement Custom Audience of people who’ve engaged with your Instagram business profile:

1. Go to All tools and Click Audiences.

2. Then Click the Create Audience drop-down and choose Custom Audience.

2. Choose Instagram Account

3. Click the “Business profile” drop-down and select the business profile whose engagement you want use to create your audience.

4. Set up your first rules section by clicking the engagement-type drop-down and choose what type of engagement you want to use as a basis for inclusion in your audience. For example, you could include anyone who has engaged with your business profile in any way or anyone who sent a message to your business profile.

5. Fill in the “In the past” field with the number of days you want us to go back to find people who engaged with your business profile for inclusion in your audience. We can go back up to 365 days.

6. Add additional rule sections (for up to a total of five) as desired by clicking Include more or exclude. Including more people means that if a person meets the criteria of any of your inclusionary rules sections, they’ll be in your audience. Excluding people means that if a person meets any of your exclusionary rules sections, they won’t be in your audience.

7. Add an audience name (and description, if you want to).

8. Click Create Audience.

Tips for Using Instagram Custom Audiences for Your Real Estate Business

Here are some tips on how to use Instagram Custom Audiences strategically for your real estate business:

1. Use Instagram Custom Audiences to remind people about your brand

If you have a client who wants to buy or sell a home in the future, it’s a great idea to remind them of what they liked about your service so far. If they liked the way you handled their last transaction, send them a message saying “I hope we get the chance to work together again soon!” This will help increase their interest in working with you again and give them an incentive to contact you when they are ready to move forward with another transaction.

You can also target messages at clients who have recently viewed listings on your website or missed out on one of your last few open houses by asking them if there is anything else we can do for them today!

2. Reach out to people who have viewed your listings and didn’t buy from you

If someone has viewed one of your listings and didn’t buy it from you, use custom audiences to reach out to them. This way, they’ll know that other properties are available if they are still interested in buying real estate from you!

3. Reach out to prospects who haven’t engaged yet

If someone hasn’t contacted you yet about buying or selling a home but is interested in learning more about you, use the Custom Audiences feature to reach them. You can target people who have viewed your profile but not messaged you. This way, you can get their attention and let them know that you’re available for any questions they may have about your services.


In this article, you have learned how to use Instagram custom audiences for your real estate business. Now it is time to take action and start practicing it. If you need help with growing your real estate social media or managing ads for your social media, get in touch with Neu Entity as your Branding & Marketing Agency partner in Singapore.

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