Landing Page Vs Website

Last Update: 28 September 2021

Author : Redzuan Azman
Article Category : Commentary
If we are talking about marketing, our first question is where the client will go after they click the ads. Is it the landing page or the actual website? It’s important to note, however, that landing page are not the same as website. What are the differences between them? How do they impact marketing? Keep on reading to get the questions answered.

What is the difference between a landing page and a website

What is a Website ?

A website is a collection of interconnected pages describing your business. 

What is a landing page?

A standalone web page dedicated to a particular marketing or advertising campaign.

When to use a Website ?

  1. When you want to explain your business
  2. You can explain, in your own words, what, in your own words, your business accomplishes and what it entails by creating an About Us page, Mission and Values, Locations and Contact Us pages. 

  3. Want to provide detail information
  4. Provide detailed information on what you offer to encourage customers to look deeper.

  5. Use for online service
  6. In order for people to order online, set up an appointment, or download research, you will need more than one page. This is a section for online services on your website that is linked to your public page.

  7. Connect with your customer
  8. Websites allow you to showcase your business culture, values, and style. It is important that both your brand’s voice and your website design tie together to create something that your ideal customer connects with.

  9. To reach more users with different purposes
  10. An essential part of any business website is search engine optimization, which helps users find your business through relevant search queries. It is ineffective to target multiple keywords on one page, so it is ideal to have multiple pages that concentrate on the most valuable keywords in your industry.

When to Use a Landing Page

  1. When you want to grow your email list
  2. To grow your email list via an incentive (eBook or Video for registering, etc). Let check How to Maximize Your Email List with Facebook Ads

  3. when you want to collect names and email
  4. With surveys where names and e-mail addresses are collected

  5. When use for Sign Up Page
  6. A sign-up page where users must purchase a ticket to attend an event

  7. When create special promo / diskon page
  8. With a coupon or deal offer, users sign up for the deal or coupon

  9. When you want to drive sales of one product through a product offering sales page

Why use a Website ?

Let we see why Website is important for your business. And you can also check How two extreme examples on how to build a website

  1. To attract new customers to your business
  2. By having a website, you will attract new customers to your business and make more money.

  3. To add Credibility
  4. Create a website for your business to instantly increase its credibility.

  5. offers a better return on investment
  6. Compared with any other form of advertising, it offers a better return on investment.

  7. Help to save your time
  8. Helps to save you time by providing answers to common customer questions and inquiries.

  9. Keep your brand in control and position yourself.

Why use a Landing page ?

Let we see why you also should use landing page for your business

  1. Focus on your audience
  2. You want to totally focus your audience on your goal…entering and submitting.

  3. Eliminate all distracting
  4. Eliminate all distracting options and other places to click.  Landing pages do this.

  5. To serve another purpose
  6. The purpose of your website is to serve another purpose… orientation, education, and introduction.

Let read more about Why landing pages are important


Ultimately, landing pages and websites are essential for all businesses. The landing page is a crucial component of any marketing and sales campaign. A website allows consumers to see what your brand is about and learn more about your products and services.

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