My Journey as Web Developer and Marketing at Neu Entity

Last Update: 24 March 2022

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Hi, my name is Romi and I’m a web developer and Marketing at Neu Entity. Before I started working here, I had never worked in marketing. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. But thanks to Mr. Ferdaus, I was able to break out of my comfort zone and really learn something new.

Working in marketing has taught me how to use analytics tools like Google Analytics and Facebook’s Insights. It has also helped me become more familiar with social media platforms, especially Instagram and Facebook. Now that I’m more comfortable working with these platforms, I can focus on increasing the quality of our traffic and engagement on our website.

For me, this job is about learning new things all the time. For example, I had never used Vello and Wix before coming to Neu Entity but I’m now able to use these tools and make them work for our marketing department!

I will share you with 3 things that I like work and good process to growth on here.

The first one is about working for the client. I’m not the only person in this project but also some other people who have good skill or have experience on web development. We’re working together on this project and we discuss with each other if there’s any problem on the project. If we need to get more information or research more before we can continue our work. That’s really awesome thing to work with someone to make something.

The second one is an example project that I’ve made and talk about process behind it. It’s a simple personal portfolio website that I made for personal usage but also share with others who want to know how I do on coding website for simple design and layout. This portfolio website has several sections where user can find what they want exactly by putting tag of categories and sorting them as they want.

This last one is an environment where company support each other to growth together by giving some kind of help or advice each other at anytime when they need.


Be constantly moving forward and learning from others. Don’t fear change as this could be your greatest achievement. Work with other people in the same field so you can benefit from their input, likewise learn how they achieve the things they do. You need to keep improving and growing if you are to survive in this sector many workplaces will be looking for ways to save money or economize during this time this could result in you losing your job. Only improve the skills which will help you.

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