1-habit recognizes the significance of maintaining one’s health and well-being by establishing a support system and assisting in the development, one habit at a time.

Neu Entity is honored to assist them in developing their brand by ensuring that they reach their intended audience.

Revamping the logo

This logo icon has the letter ‘H’ symbol and by combining the letter 1 with the letter H from 1-Habit.
Slashed and slanted lines give the emblem a dynamic and energetic character, generating a sense of willpower and empowerment.




Logo Research

We segregate the brand attributes that we collate during the brand strategy, into 3
different categories, they are; Chill & Strong, Premium, and Energetic. We then let
the client decide on one category that best fits their business.

Logo Design

1-habit was hoping for a bright, fun, and fresh appearance for their business, with a touch of femininity in the form of hues that appeal to women, such as rose gold and pastel yellow. They wanted their new brand to be vibrant, inspiring and empowering, therefore we created collaterals, merchandise, social media posts and gave their gym an uplift with motivational quotes and informative stickers on the glass panels of their gym.
Stylescape is the next evolution of the mood board. In this case, the canvas is designed with usable, original assets that can translate into designs of actual deliverables. Elements captured within the stylescape includes identity, colors, typography, iconography, layouts, user interface, design motifs, backgrounds, and imagery.

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