As-Souq is an Arabic education center which is located in the heart of Arab Street. It offers services and sells merchandise related to the Arabic language and culture. They went through a brand overhaul with Neu Entity. Neu Entity was entrusted to do up the entire website from the e-commerce platform to booking systems for classes. We also design and manage their social media posts.

The home page of As-Souq was to show the 3 main services they provided; As-Souq Arabic Academy dedicated on Educating, As-Souq Arabic Centre focused on their services and As-Souq Central brings in products and merchandises.

Their website is designed specifically to ease the user journey of potential students. They are able to view the calendar of upcoming classes, read up on their extensive list of courses, book a rental space and even purchase products.

Neu Entity also created branded collateral designs for As-Souq. From daily postings on Social media and event posters, we provided a cohesive look and feel in their branding.

Neu Entity was entrusted to bring more awareness to As-Souq as the one-stop centre for all your Arabic learning needs and to spread the joy of the Arabic language and culture.

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