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WhatsHalal is a digital solution that streamlines halal processes reducing confusion and complexity of applying, maintaining and renewing halal certification. At Neu Entity, WhatsHalal went through a rebranding exercise. After the brand strategy, we revamped their logo and created a design direction to give them a fresh new look suited to their target audience. We also assisted them with new collateral and pitch decks.

The new identity is more professional and shows that WhatsHalal is a Halal blockchain tech company.

Logo Rationale

This logo is called The Unity.

The logo mark from the selected option is made via rectangle with isometric view.

Combining 4 shapes with a rounded curve at the corner and 4 variation rotation with different colours with the “W” all around.

WhatsHalal (the letter W) surrounds and protects the purity of the square (like Kaabah) in the middle to symbolise the sanctity of Halal.

The meaning of this logo is a visualisation of centralised data with a complete ecosystem for Halal, giving out the essence that WhatsHalal is relatable and trusted.


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