5 Examples Of Great Real Estate Landing Pages In Singapore

Last Update: 02 September 2022

Author : Ferdaus
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When people are looking to buy or rent a new house, what’s the first thing they do? That’s right, they would go online.

And it’s no surprise.e. In fact, 51% of home searches start on the internet and that number is only going to grow in the future.

Because of this, real estate companies need to take advantage of their websites and landing pages in order to generate leads. We’ve gathered some examples of great real estate landing pages in Singapore so you can see what works!

What is a real estate landing page

A real estate landing page is a URL on your website that you want your visitors to visit.

When someone visits one of your real estate landing pages, they will see a page that is designed to entice them into buying or renting your home.

Landing pages are a great way to increase buyer and seller leads because they give you more control over what information is shown to each visitor.

A well-designed landing page can help close more sales by:

  • Building trust with prospective buyers through an engaging user experience and clear calls-to-action.
  • Getting more qualified leads with lead capture forms and lead nurturing emails.
  • Converting visitors into leads with targeted messaging based on their actions (like clicking on links).

5 Real Estate Landing Page Examples

1. Savills

You will be amazed by the amazing landing page of Savills. The landing page is very clean and has a very good headline that makes the customer understand what services they provide with a background of Singapore city. And you can see a search button and filter that immediately help you to search your property.

The landing page also gives clear information on why you need to choose Savills with a creative image that makes you feel like scrolling more. With another CTA to Find a person or an Office.

They also have articles that help customers to understand better about real estate update

2. Knight Frank

The landing page of Knight Frank is very well organized.

When you access the landing page, You will see a slider of various amazing scenes of Singapore city. And also users can see their popular services which makes it easier for users without the need to scroll down to find more information.

When you scroll down, you can also see a Slider of Featured Properties with a Nice Real estate thumbnail

3. Propseller

When you land on their website, you’ll immediately see strong headlines that make people who want to sell their properties stop and immediately click the Contact an Agent CTA, and few headline for separate category.

When you scroll down, you’ll see why you need to choose their services with another CTA. They also provide you with a table that shows what they do differently than other Traditional Property agents.

With testimonials from happy customers along with another CTA at the end of the website.

4. Ohmyhome

You will love this landing page because it’s simple, but it still has all of the information you could ever want. The headline is catchy and makes you feel like you can get support from them. The Free Property Consultant CTA makes you feel like you don’t need to scroll down to find their services.

The chat button also helps you ti ask for what they can offer to you without having to search through the rest of their site. The bot chat also helps you out with any questions that you might have about the process.

There are some great graphics that make this landing page look good and appealing even if you don’t want to read anything else on it! You can find another CTA for “I want to buy” and “I want to rent”, which helps users click what they need right away.

They also provide CTAs for users that want to sell their house and calculate its value, along with testimonials that give credibility about what they can do.

5. Propnex

The website is very simple and straightforward. It’s easy to navigate, and the layout is clean.

We love how they use a banner at the top to show what events they have going on. It’s a great way to market their events and make them more accessible.

They also have a menu that gives you clarity on where you should navigate. This makes it easy for users who don’t know where to start looking for properties online.

The best part about this site is that it immediately shows you what the best property in Singapore that they have, making new users that did not know which property they need to buy can easily see what’s available.

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