How To Optimize Your Website SEO Using chatGPT

Last Update: 09 February 2023

Author : Halim
Article Category : SEO
The use of artificial intelligence in digital marketing has become a hot topic of discussion. As technology advances, more and more businesses are turning to AI-based solutions to boost their online presence.

This is where ChatGPT can come in handy. ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot that can take directions and accomplish tasks like writing essays. You can use ChatGPT to provide valuable insights and suggestions on how to improve your website’s search engine optimization(SEO). Let we dive deeper to see how you can use ChatGPT for your website SEO.

Ways to use ChatGPT for SEO

1. Creating Content

You can use ChatGPT to create content for your blog or website. By providing keywords and topics, you can have the chatbot find relevant information related to your business and then provide it as a blog post or web page. You don’t need any technical knowledge or experience with writing codes; all you have to do is give instructions to the chatbot! This can be very helpful if you want to save time and energy when creating content for your company’s website or blog.

This example of using ChatGPT to create content “Tips for Fasting during Ramadan”

In response, I received few tips for fasting during Ramadan

As long as you’re careful, ChatGPT could help streamline many redundant content tasks like ad variations, but you must always carefully check any generated content, as it may contain inaccuracies.

If you want more detail content, you can also use ChatGPT to create content outline for you.

This example when i ask ChatGPT to create outline article for Healthy meal option during Ramadan Topic.

Its help you to know what you need to write about the topic that you interested. And it save much time compare to you do by your own.

2. Keyword Research and Analysis

You can use chatGPT to generate related keywords for your targeted keyword. And you will receive list of keyword that related for you. In this example i used Fasting during ramadan for my targeted keyword. And ask chatGPT to generated keywords related to my target keyword.

You can see the result, ChatGPT generated keyword that later i can use to create content for my blog.

Beside that you can also ask ChatGPT to create keyword strategy that you can use.

And ChatGPT will generated strategy what you need to do with your targeted keyword.

3. Generating Good SEO Title

The title of the content is very important in SEO. It is the first thing that users will see when they search for something on Google or any other search engine. So, a good title should contain relevant keywords and be unique from other titles in the same niche. The title should also be catchy enough so that people would click on it to read more about the topic.

ChatGPT will help you generate titles for your content. Just enter your keyword in the input box and then choose one of our templates from the drop-down menu. The service will automatically generate a title for you!

4. SEO Audit

You can use ChatGPT to do audit for your existing page or content. And ChatGPT will do SEO Audit for your content including Check your Content EAT, Page Quality, Actionable suggestions for improvement, and also tips on matching search intent and user expectations.

You can learn more about What you need to check during your SEO Audit on this blog SEO Audit Guide to Improve Your Website in 2023

5. Outrank Your Competitor

You can ask ChatGPT to analyse your competitor content, and create better content than them. You can also ask ChatGPT to create fresh content that outranks your competitors in terms of quality and relevance.

In this example, i ask ChatGPT to create article that outrank my competitor article in this topic : Tips for Healthy Ramadan Fasting.

And ChatGPT will generate article that could outrank competitor article. You can read and compare article that ChatGPT generated and your competitor article. Remember ChatGPT just help to give suggestion, and you still need to re-read and tweak some part of article that you think was not related.


In conclusion, chatGPT was a great experience in optimizing your website SEO. It is a useful tool to help your understand your website SEO and how to improve it. But you still need to implement what ChatGPT suggest to you and remember to check content that ChatGPT generated.

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