The Ultimate Social Media Calendar Template Guide for Business Owners

Last Update: 21 April 2023

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Running a successful business requires much more than just providing quality products or services. It also involves promoting your brand effectively and connecting with your audience, which is where social media comes in. In fact, according to a study by NerdWallet, 96% of small business owners consider social media as an essential marketing tool.

However, managing social media can be a daunting task, especially for small business owners with limited time and resources. Coming up with engaging content ideas, determining when and what to post, and analyzing metrics can be overwhelming. This is where a social media calendar template can help.

In this guide, we will provide you with free social media calendar template designed specifically for business owners. These templates will help you plan, organize, and streamline your social media content with ease. With the help of these templates, you can save time, increase engagement, and ultimately grow your business. So, let’s dive in and take the first step towards mastering social media marketing.

What is Social Media Calendar?

A social media calendar is a planning document that can help you organize your marketing strategy, optimize your posting schedule and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Social media calendars are also known as social media editorial calendars or content calendars.

Why Social Media Calendar is important for business owners?

By using a social media calendar, business owners can ensure that their content is consistent, engaging, and aligned with their brand messaging. Here are some of the benefits of having a social media calendar:

1. Consistency

Consistency is key to building a strong social media presence. By having a social media calendar, businesses can plan and schedule their content in advance, ensuring that their audience receives a steady stream of valuable content. This can help businesses build brand awareness, establish credibility, and engage with their audience.

2. Time-Saving

One of the biggest challenges for business owners is finding the time to manage their social media accounts. A social media calendar can help alleviate this challenge by allowing businesses to plan their content in advance, freeing up time to focus on other areas of their business.

3. Increased Engagement

Social media calendars can help businesses increase engagement by ensuring that their content is timely and relevant. By planning and scheduling content in advance, businesses can create content that aligns with current events, trends, and topics that their audience cares about. This can help businesses increase engagement, attract new followers, and build lasting relationships with their audience.

4. Improved Analytics

Finally, having a social media calendar can help businesses track and analyze their social media metrics. By tracking the performance of their content over time, businesses can identify which types of content resonate with their audience, which platforms drive the most engagement, and which times of day are most effective for posting. This can help businesses refine their social media strategy and optimize their content for maximum impact.

Social Media Calendar Template

Social Media Calendar Template

Take the first step towards mastering your social media strategy today by downloading our free Social Media Calendar Template. Our template is designed specifically for business owners and will help you plan, organize, and streamline your social media content with ease. To download the template, simply click the button below.

Components of a Social Media Calendar

Once you’ve downloaded our Social Media Calendar Template, you’ll have access to all the components you need to create a successful social media strategy. Here are the key components of our template that you can use to plan and organize your social media content:

Content Pillar

This refers to the broad themes or topics that your social media content revolves around. Having clear content pillars helps you maintain a consistent brand voice and makes it easier to plan your content in advance.

Content on Visual

Visual content is crucial in social media, and this component helps you plan what type of visuals you want to use for each piece of content. This can include images, videos, graphics, or any other type of visual content that will help your post stand out.


This component allows you to keep track of any relevant assets or remarks that need to be included in your social media content. You also can put google drive link where you upload your content assets.

Date/Time Scheduled

This component helps you plan when your social media content will be posted. It’s essential to have a clear schedule to ensure that your content is consistently posted and your audience knows when to expect it.


The caption is the text that accompanies your social media content, and it’s an essential component for engaging with your audience. This component allows you to plan out your captions in advance, ensuring that they are well-written and aligned with your brand voice.


This component allows you to keep track of which posts have been created, already post to FB/IG feed or not, already upload to Story or not.

How to Use Neu Entity’s Social Media Calendar Template

In this sections, will guide you through the process of populating each tab within the Neu Entity social media calendar template, in order to help you effectively utilize its features.

Step 1: Choose your Content Pillars

The first step in utilizing the Neu Entity Social Media Calendar Template is to select your content pillars. These are the broad categories that your social media posts will fall under.

content pillars examples

To access the content pillars tab, simply click on the designated tab within the template. You will be presented with pre-defined content pillars such as events, highlights, educational content, testimonials, and portfolio. If necessary, you can also add new content pillars to this section.

Step 2: Plan your Content on Visuals

Following the selection of your content pillars, the next step is to plan the titles of the content you wish to create. Take into account the type of content pillars you have chosen, as well as the message you aim to convey to your audience.

content on visual example
For example, if your content pillar is educational, you may want to create a post about “Important Lessons Disney can teach you about marketing.” You can start by writing the content title in the designated column, and if you already know you want to create a carousel post, you can make note of that as well.

Step 3: Creating Assets for your content

Once you have planned your content, it’s time to start creating or finding assets that support it. You can browse websites that offer free assets such as Unsplash, Freepik, Pexels, and others. These websites offer a variety of images, graphics, and videos that you can use to enhance your content.

If you need more specific assets or have a unique vision in mind, you can consider hiring a designer to help you create the assets. They can bring your ideas to life and ensure that your content stands out on social media. Below is an image of one of Neu Entity’s social media assets.

example of assets

Step 4: Schedule your Post

Once you have planned your post content, visual assets, and added any relevant notes, it’s time to schedule your post. This can be done by selecting the date and time that you want your post to go live.

Step 5: Add a Caption

Finally, add a caption to accompany your post. Consider including relevant hashtags, calls-to-action, and any other information that you want to convey to your audience.

Finally Last Step

Once you have created your content and posted it on your social media feed and story, you can then fill out the checklist.

It will look like this

content example

Bonus : 30 Days of Neu Entity Content Ideas

As a conclusion, utilizing a social media content calendar is crucial for businesses to stay organized and consistent with their online presence.

With theNeu Entity as your social media agency in Singapore provide Social Media Calendar Template, you can streamline your content planning and ensure that your posts are effective and on-brand. Remember to follow the steps outlined in the template, from selecting your content pillars to creating assets and filling in the checklist.

And as a bonus, you can download our 30 Days of Neu Entity Content Ideas infographic to help you plan your content more efficiently. By using these tools, you can take your social media strategy to the next level and achieve your business goals.

30 days content ideas

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