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Last Update: 02 December 2022

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Social media is a great way to spread your message, but it’s not always easy to do.

The goal of a social media toolkit is to make it easy for your supporters and members of your organization to create relevant posts that promote a cause or event. This is similar to a press kit with one major difference: your audience. The information, hashtags and graphics that you include in your social media toolkit should resonate with a broader audience than any PR.

What should your social media toolkit include?

A good social media toolkit is essential for any company that wants to have a successful social media presence.

The toolkit can be anything from a simple spreadsheet with contact information for all your followers and fans, to a more sophisticated tool that automates some of your tasks.

Here are the basic things your social media toolkit should include:

1. A clear strategy and goals for each social media platform.

This will help you choose which channels to focus on, and how much time to spend on each one.

2. A list of relevant hashtags

Hastag for each channel, with an explanation of why you’re using them and how they relate to your brand or business.

3. Sample Posts

Include 4-5 sample social media posts for each platform you want to roll out the campaign/cause on (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). The goal here is to provide an example of what kind of content you’d like to see shared on each platform.

4. Visual Assets

Include a set of visual assets to accompany social media posts on all platforms, such as branded visuals or agreed-upon photos that represent the campaign. These could be images or videos that are relevant to the campaign or event that’s being promoted.

5. Infographic/Poster

An infographic is a visual representation of data or information in an appealing way that helps break down complex information into easy-to-understand pieces. You can use an infographic as a guide when creating content for social media posts, blogs or emails. For example, if you’re launching a new product or service on one particular platform (like Twitter), you can use an infographic as a template for creating all your tweets with the same information so they all look uniformed across all platforms

6. Social Media Calendar

Keep track of upcoming events and campaigns in a calendar so that you can prepare your posts ahead of time and schedule them accordingly in advance. This will help save time on busy days and give you more time to focus on other tasks instead of worrying about missing out on important dates due to lack of planning!

6. An analytics platform

If you want to track the results of your social media efforts — whether it’s clicks, conversions, or reach — then having access to analytics tools is essential. Some platforms offer free basic services; others offer paid premium versions with more features. Popular options include Google Analytics (free) and Adobe Social (paid).

Tips for creating an effective social media toolkit

1. Make sure you have good content

2. Use images and videos whenever possible

3. Keep it simple (make sure the text is short)

4. Give people multiple options for sharing their posts

5. Keep up with your hashtag game (use popular ones like #WorldAIDSDay)

6. Make sure there are no typos or grammatical errors in any of the text included in your kit!


Social media is one of the easiest and fastest ways to reach a wide audience, but making your voice heard is no easy task. A social media toolkit is a great way to ensure your organization’s voice will be heard above the din of the busy social landscape.

Be strategic about which outlets you utilize, make sure you are consistent in your messaging, and provide regular updates for those following your journey. Putting forth that effort may result in big rewards.

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