The 20 Minute Brand Analysis

Last Update: 12 November 2021

Author : Ferdaus
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Most business owners today want to do to do more than just make money. They want to do good, with a good purpose. They integrate self-discovery with business analysis and brand development, but they struggle to realize the full range and true potential of symbolic brand benefits.

You can use the Brand Analysis to determine what you want your brand to stand for. Using the Brand Analysis will also provide insights into the customers you serve, what value propositions are offered through which channels, and how your company generates revenue. You can also use the Brand Analysis to better understand your own or a competitor’s business model!

How to do a Brand Analysis

The Brand Analysis uses the business model canvas to show the progress of the brand. Fill in each section step by step in this order. This exercise will take about half an hour to complete.

Step 1 – Customer Segments

Fill this section and write down the segments of customers you wish to provide value for. These people pay you money to get the value you are able to provide for them.

Step 2 – Value Proposition

Think of the packs of VALUE that you have to offer that solve the customer’s problems… from all angles — free, paid, group experience, one on ones, products, service, thought leadership etc.

Step 3 – Revenue Streams

Write down in points how your business is generating revenue, as the value goes through the channels and forges the relationship with the customers. This is where money comes in.

Step 4 – Channels

List down the channels you use to bring value to your customers, via communications, distribution & sales.

Step 5 – Customer Relationship

Walk through the journey and the methods as well as the emotions involved in bringing your value to your customers.

Step 6 – Key Activities

List down what are the things you need to be doing to ensure that the value gets created and brought to the customers, generating revenue.

Step 7 – Key Resources

What are the resources you have to utilise to run the activities you need to create, deliver and monetize the value? List them down.

Step 8 – Key Partners

Who do you have, that are outside of your organisation, as partners that contribute or supply to the foundations and ingredients of your business’ value? This could be in forms of collaborations or partnerships.

Step 9 – Cost Structure

How is your business incurring expenses, where does your funds get spent on, in order to create the value? This is where the money goes out.


Feel free to put your responses in bullet points and write down quickly without thinking too much. As you are mapping out each sector of your business, you’re building your brand and you’re able to find out which areas you need to focus and prioritise on.

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