The 3 R’s of Social Media Marketing

Last Update: 03 November 2022

Author : Imran Tahir
Article Category : Marketing
You’ve spent hours working on your post, crafting the perfect post, and you have even dedicated the post to the readers, but it just doesn’t get any likes or shares.

If you want more clicks on your blog articles, likes on your Facebook posts, and shares on your Instagram posts use these 3Rs as a guide!

1. Relevance

Is your post relevant to your business ? or does it not have any connection

For example:

A shoe store is posting about how to clean leather shoes. This is not relevant to their business. They should be posting about trending fashion items or discounts on shoes.

2. Resourceful

Does the post-offer a solution to your audience’s problems?

Or does it provide any value for them

For example: if I share this post on my Facebook page, will it help my followers solve a problem or live their life better? If not, why would they want to click on it?

3. Respectful

Does your post shine a bad light on others ? or disk any discrimination?

If so, don’t post it! Negative news articles are not always bad for your social media traffic. However, if you’re just looking to grow your followers then stay away from negativity. Focus on sharing positive content that will make people smile or laugh instead of making them feel sad or angry.


Hopefully this post has helped you tie a few things together, and figure out the best strategy to apply to your next social media marketing campaign. Remember to follow these tips closely, use them often, and re

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