Why Strategic Branding is More Important Than Ever

27 October 2015

Since internet was introduced commercially in the early 90’s, programmers and online revolutionists have constantly strived for better connectivity, faster response time and game changing ways to facilitate their customer’s needs.

In today’s modern world, with all the efficiencies readily available, the world that we used to know is getting smaller. Thoughts and ideas gets communicated in an instant and tasks gets done faster.

As quoted by Matt Roszak a VC at tally capital “it’s easier to get to the first million today, than it was 30 years ago”. Other than the conventional print, Television and radio advertisements, businesses now use social media and such to market their products to continuously engage their customers.

Understanding your audience

Understanding your target audience or demographic is important. Finding out what their likes and dislikes, their goals and needs will prove valuable to you as a service provider on how you can help solve their issues, share their sentiments and be their friend. It’s all about being emphatic.

These information would be useful when you are pushing out posts, campaign and blog etc, on what time of the day, what they are doing at specific times of the day/year to strategise design and content

It’s worth checking out this infographic for best time of day to post.

Creating something enticing

In todays attention deficit society, viral videos and posts that only have entertainment value often distracts your audiences from your messages. Ask yourselves, how do I grab the attention at first glance? A carefully curated photography that evokes curiosity and emotions would do the trick followed by post and blog that has substance. Eventually your target audience to which your message was catered for will resonate with them.

Constantly Updated with the design trends

Whether your are an old traditional carpentry or a high tech guru, keeping in touch with technology and design trends is essential to your business. As an example let’s take a look at our favourite Red Wing boots. Their products and craft remains true and traditional but they evolved and market their brand through online platforms such as website, pinterest, etc by way of means.

They associate with like minded industries to anchor themselves and spread their reach to wider audiences.

Gotta align everything with brand.

Finally the point of all this is to let people continuously know your voice, direction, evolution through the platforms and we do this through strategic design. Consistency can be achieved when we make sure that the brand holds true to its design language.

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