6 Things About Our Graphic Designer

Last Update: 26 May 2020

Author : Laila
Article Category : Commentary
This month we will introduce one of our Graphic Designers, Nazella. Although she is one of the recent additions to Neu Entity, Nazella has a flare for illustrations which you can see on some of works later on.
  1. Describe your design journey
  2. I always get amazed when I see something “eyegasm” such as attractive packaging design, interactive installation art, quirky painting, and many more. Without realising it, it surrounds us. Just take a look at your house, money, clothes you wear, everything is involved with design. From then, my curiosity turned up and I wanted to learn in depth about design.

    I started my design journey at INTI University in collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University in Graphic design program. I managed to try so many things during my study. I wasn’t only learn about graphic designing, but also making reusable furniture with interior design students, and i learned using sewing machine too with my fashion design friend, it’s so fun when you learn about something you curious of. And now I’ve landed in Neu Entity handling different projects and to keep unleashing my creativity!.

  3. What do you do when you face a creative block
  4. Well, everyone must have faced it. I usually use the resources like Pinterest, or art blogs. Even sometimes listen to the right music can help too. If I’m really stuck in it, I stop and refresh for awhile. Sometimes, I would ask my friends too, they help me to find things that I missed because they are one of the audiences.

  5. What is your motto in designing/How do you design/How you start on a design work/Your thinking process
  6. I always start from brainstorming the ideas, putting 5W+1H (what, who, where, when, why , how) during the process help me to identify the purpose and the problem. When I found it all, it’s easier to continue. I always keep my sketchbook along with me to write down the ideas. Last but not least, I surf the Pinterest to get a visualisation.

  7. What do you like to do in your free time
  8. I have a lot in mind, but I usually do it based on my current mood. I like to explore places and taking pictures, back in college times I often went somewhere alone or with my friends. Another one will be playing my ukulele! It makes me happy when I successfully memorise the chord and play the whole song

  9. Share with us your best work!
  10. Well, I don’t call this as my best work, but this is one of my favourites! I’m happy doing this, it’s a stop motion that I did as one of my assignment for company that provides glasses for colour blindness, Enchroma. It taught me to be more grateful for small things.

  1. If you could be any superhero, who would it be ?
  2. Captain marvel! Why? Because I want to go to outer space, I always wanted to know how our universe looks like. Visiting other planet, exploring other galaxies. Basically like what she could do, exploring the space. Last but not least, she’s also a strong woman.

    Hope you got to know more of our graphic designer, Nazella and a glimpse of her design journey. If you would like to see more of her works, you can check her Instagram at @najel.jpg. Till our next designer!

You can meet the rest of the team on our about page.