Best of the web – Week One of 2016

Last Update: 07 January 2016

Author : Ferdaus
Article Category : Curation
In 2016, we are going to start curating the best articles, sites and pages from the web, on a biweekly basis. These are going to be stuff we find cool and trend setting. Let us know what other cool sites you’d like us to follow and check up on for awesome stuff.


Look back at some of the rebrands done on 2015. Try to appreciate the bigger sense of rebranding instead of scrutinising the logo itself. This is part 6, you can find 1 to 5 from the site.
Pretty interesting infographics that shows how your senses are affected by certain marketing efforts and explains why you make certain purchase decisions.


Not really trends—just more of the same styles coming back. Still, it’s good to know what the market is like for new logo marks out there. Lots of rebranding were done in 2015, what would 2016 hold for brands?
Movie posters are great. The amount of detail, messaging, story and feel has to be artistically tuned and crafted to just the right amount, to produce a poster that works. Here are some cool ones. I bet you haven’t seen most of them.



It’s the time of the year where people start to predict what’s gonna be hot in this coming year. Well, it’s worth knowing what sorts of trends are expected. Have a look.
A pretty serious start to a new year post – but worth looking into and checking if your site makes these mistakes.


If you’re going into digital marketing in general – you’ll need to know what a content library is. It’s essential to your content marketing efforts. This definition of a content library is slightly different, and we think it’s on point.
Buzzwords are being invented all the time. Right now, it’s ‘remarketing’ – get on the bandwagon and know what this is about before it starts to trend. Basically remarketing is when you market back to your returning visitors (who came via a marketing effort such as a banner ad)