In today’s topic, we’ll be talking about branding versus marketing.

As we know using the word “versus” in between branding and marketing will only lead to a result where either one of them comes out as the winner. In our perspective, branding plays a bigger role than marketing in a business. Before we dive into the comparison between branding and marketing, let us first understand the definition behind these words.


It’s the expression of a person’s gut feeling of what the brand represents.
It consist of purpose, visuals, tone, experience and positioning.


It involves promoting a product service or brand that help contribute to increase of sales.
It consist of video, social media, networking, emails and many more.

Now that we understand the meaning of these two words, here are the five major differences between branding and marketing:

  1. Marketing increases leads, branding brings reputation and close sales
  2. You make a brand for the customers, but you do marketing for the company
  3. Marketing adds customers, while branding builds trust & customer’s loyalty
  4. Marketing promotes the value of the product, while branding creates the value
  5. Marketing strategies come and go but branding stays

Here’s a scenario for you.
Jack and Paul decided to start their own shop. Jack bought a small shop that has nothing in it. He decided not to do any renovation and place all of his products in the shop and printed out brochures & posters and paste them at nearby locations.

Paul on the another hand, face similar situation as Jack, small shop and empty inside however, Paul decided to paint the shop with nice vibrant colours, hang decorations and have the shop look sparkling clean. Just like Jack, he too printed out brochures & posters and paste them at nearby locations.

The customers eventually come over to both shops accordingly, but can you make a guess who got their sales? Yes, it’s Paul. He had built his brand which led on marketing and his branding was consistent and easily recognisable which helps people feel more comfortable in purchasing his products or service.

In conclusion, we as brand strategist should be able to split the differences between branding and marketing in order to help others understand the goals and roles of branding and marketing.