Designers should know these 3 things about web developers

Last Update: 16 February 2022

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When we talk about developing a website, we always picture hard work, comment text areas, black windows, or something secret-like. But it is not like that.

These days, there are so many software programs for web developers. They provide an easy-to-use interface that enables every person to learn how to build a website.

These are the three things a designer why should learn and know about building a website.

First: You have a basic understanding of design!

Understanding design fundamentals will make it easier for you to create awesome websites, because you can create the wireframe (flow) and also asset for your project. It can be more appealing, tidy, consistent, and all about design matters. The only question is how to make it live and useful for users.


Currently in 2022, so many software are available to help us create a website, including web development software, like Wix. Websites built with Wix have a friendly user interface. This is so cool, you can learn in less than a week, isn’t it?

To make it more professional, you can also use Editor X from Wix after you learn about website development. Make your own layout, transitions, and animations to create an amazing website.

Third and conclusion:

Once you combine your eyes skill of a designer and your brain skill of a web developer, you have a skill that not everyone has. It is called Full Stack Designer.

Why not try to learn something new in 2022? Let’s learn Wix together.

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