Different Types of Video Marketing Format for Businesses

15 October 2018

Hanafi Mohd Sam

If you’ve seen the way I’ve published my videos on my social media, those videos are all vlogs. Aside from vlogs, there are many other types of video marketing for businesses.

Brands require an effective video marketing strategy to make them stand out among the rest. Gone were the days when one was required to send out a paper in a bid to promote a business.

According to Forbes; it has been revealed that a good percentage of us are good at being visual listeners rather than taking a while to read one or two sentences.

This implies that as technology changes so do we in order to keep updated with what is going on in the other parts of the world.

That is why this article examines closely into types of video marketing format you can use to make your business get recognised by your potential customers.

1. Whiteboard videos

At one time you might have come across a handful of whiteboard videos on the web especially on landing pages and also on social media channels. The best way to describe them would be to say that they are black and white drawings that change to life in the course of sketching on a whiteboard by hand and narrative with a voice-over.

The style in these videos is aimed at simplifying complex ideas hence a perfect choice for explainer or educational videos.

Their educational nature is an added incentive whereby the target audience is compelled to pay attention and even motivate you to explain in details about a specific concept in a more engaging way.

Alternatively, you may add some animations and coloured elements to the already black and white video in order to highlight your business while creating a striking brand marketing awareness.

2. Informational talking head video

Sometimes you would like to make your potential customers have trust in your company. Clearly, there is nothing as good as informational talking head video when it comes to winning your new customers.

This kind of video style (like what I usually do) portrays real people explaining one or two things about your brand or services by giving a more personal outlook of your company.

Informational talking head videos are natural sales boosters in a sense that they have a more explicit video content that exposes your brand to customers both new and old.

As a result, this form of brand marketing disclosure can become an effective way of increasing your sales and promoting your brands at the same time.

3. Product videos

A product video is simply an explainer video demonstrating all the benefits that your products can bring to the consumer. Most of these videos focus on the key features of a given product as a brand marketing strategy.

They provide a creative and more engaging marketing content that demonstrates how your products work and the kind of impact they have on your customers.

You can use narratives or metaphors to create an everlasting impression on your customer’s mind thus motivating them to buy your products in the long run.

4. Cartoon videos

Cartoon videos are essential if you want to strengthen the identity of your brand and ultimately engage your potential customers. This video marketing strategy is a perfect format for creativity due to the fact that there is no limit on what you can possibly display using an animation concept.

As a matter of fact, you can tailor cartoon videos to fit your new brand and eventually, your target audience. In this way, you will be creating the real custom fit experience for the potential customers in line with your business.

5. Motion graphics

Motion graphics allows you to give an explanation of the most abstract or complex concepts as well as ideas in a more sophisticated way.

This kind of formatting sets the graphic design in motion giving you a chance to communicate abstract features or ideas using shapes, colours, patterns or even animations.

Even though these videos are fancy and memorable, you can still use them as an effective tool to help you by increasing leads and conversion rates. They are an ultimate choice for explaining the concept behind new apps or software and how they work.

On top of that, you can use them to showcase your company’s numbers, metrics and statistics in a more elaborate way. To some extent, you can blend motion graphics with the cartoon animation to make your marketing campaign more fun and lively to all types of your audience.


As the world changes, so are the marketing strategies. Potential customers might not have enough time to notice your traditional way of marketing but when you use of those video formatting ideas highlighted above, their attention can be drawn instantly to what you are trying to sell.

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