Hiring A Marketing Team

04 October 2017

Hanafi Mohd Sam
I know hiring a marketing team may seem like an easy task but it is very critical to the development of your business. Most companies I’ve had meetings with thinks hiring a marketing team is just about generating the content for social media.

Here’s the big but… Getting a marketing team onboard is more than just having nice graphic designs for your social media page. In this episode, let’s dive deeper so that you’ll understand more before hiring a marketing team.

Hiring a marketing team is great. It gives you more time to do what you do best which is managing your business.

But before you hire a marketing team, be sure to have a brand guide ready. So what is a brand guide?

A brand guide is like your company’s DNA. It is essential to the marketing team. It tells the marketing team your brand voice, brand language and acts as a style guide for the marketing team. A brand guide will give your graphics a consistent look across social media platforms, giving your brand a recognizable persona. This is extremely important because it will ultimately help you stand out.

You also need to Have Clear Realistic Goals.
Hiring a marketing team does not mean that your page likes or follows increase drastically. While that may happen, it depends on the goal of the marketing strategy.

Hiring a marketing team could simply mean that you want to have a wider brand awareness. It could also mean you are looking to get conversions in your sales funnel.

Set out one clear goal that should act as the main objective of you hiring a marketing team and set out a few secondary ones to avoid disappointments.

Set a proper marketing budget

A representative from a certain company ever approached us and said “When we publish a post, we want 500 likes on it for this low budget, otherwise…so and so.”

Now while the goal is achievable, it is not realistic with low budget. An unethical marketing team would tell you that goal is achievable and simply buy likes online.

Having said that, lastly… and most importantly.

Low cost could cost you your company’s reputation. Always do enough research about the marketing team you are hiring. Make sure they are credible and have a portfolio that is reliable.

That’s all for today. I hope you make the right choice when hiring a marketing team.

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