How to use Infographics for your Restaurant’s Social Media

Last Update: 05 January 2016

Author : Ferdaus
Article Category : Infographic | Restaurants

What are they and why use them

Infographics are a great way to present any set of information in a visual and attractive manner in order to make the content easy to consume and encourage sharing between your audience members.

It’s important to start doing infographics because they can spread – it’s something that people like to share. Infographics typically do well in pinterest. Although, you can still post a link to them via Facebook. It’s not really a great idea to share long infographics on Instagram – so you have to repurpose the content into mini graphics for that.

Topics you can explore are things like: etiquettes, culture, industry…

If you run a steakhouse – do an infographic on why steak is not all blood, or best cuts of steaks, or done-ness and its subtle nuances.

If you do asian food – then do one on differences between Chinese food and Indian food. you’d be targeting both racial groups on this one.

Or do one on evolving trends of fast food (if you’re selling kebabs or sandwiches)

The main point is to create an attractive piece of content that is not just words. There is a reason why kids love pictures in books and we slowly retreat to a word heavy preference as we grow older.

Pictures are better at driving emotions and reason. Words are good too, but only if you’re skilled enough to capture people with just words. Also, a person needs to dive into words to be able to feel what you are trying to convey.

Look at propaganda posters – there are lots of graphics and imagery in them, supplemented by words that have impact.

Here are some examples of great Infographics:

stir fry infographic

Running an Asian restaurant – with lots of dishes being stir fried? Why don’t you do an infographic about best way to do stir fried dishes. Asian food enthusiasts will love it.


steak infographic

Steaks? if you don’t understand doneness, you don’t know steaks. Educate the people, if you run a steak house. (source:ifyoucantaffordtotip)


chef infographic

If you’re a celebrity chef (or on the way to become one) – do an infographic about yourself and the work you do!