Out of the Box 2019 Artificial Intelligence

23 September 2019


As technology develops in leaps and bounds, it is no wonder that we now have technology which enables machines to act, think and work as humans. It is a field of study which looks to make machines “smart”.

The Out Of The Box Conference 2019 is an interactive conference on artificial intelligence or AI for short. The term AI is often used in the media and in everyday conversations, and its specific meaning often gets lost somewhere along the way. AI is just another name for rapid development and innovation.

The specialty of this event is that it doesn’t beat around the bush and it brings together the faces of the industry that is building the future. Our speakers won’t waste your time and will get straight to the point.

The Conference fits the needs of the complex growth of the artificial intelligence sector globally. It offers empowering, meaningful, and defining learning opportunities to awaken a sense of purpose, relevancy, and understanding of artificial intelligence

Whether you are a student, scientist, venture capitalist, or entrepreneur, the Out Of The Box Conference 2019 has you covered. There is something for everyone at this event.

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