Brand Strategy / Logo / Design Direction / Displays / Website / Videos

Cass Munshi Education is a tuition center by Cassim Munshi, who is a down-to-earth tutor teaching 3 subjects to those who are self-motivated and wants to achieve results. Neu Entity assist Cass Munshi Education by building both the tuition center and the personal brand. We strategise the marketing for agency through his personal brand.

We went through a brand strategy with him to understand the purpose, audience and attributes of the centre. We strategised the marketing for the agency through his personal brand and created his very own design direction to ensure consistency between the centre and his personal brand.

From the design direction, we created the logo, name card, collaterals, website and other social media assets for all platforms. From his social media platforms, we start doing his brand activation. We focus on the interior and exterior of the centre to create a cohesive look that is consistent with the brand design.


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