Laloo Online

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Lalooonline is an online campaign that is spearheaded by Singapore couple malay celebrity, Huda Ali and Densabari. This online maiden advertising campaign was launched on May the 1st 2020. It is part of their latest campaign apart from Laloolalang Bazaar where they will regularly introduce and feature exciting brands, merchants and labels from F&B, Fashion and Lifestyle. This campaign help get brands across to a larger audience on their social media platforms for a nominal fee.

In the beginning, Lalooonline went through a brand strategy session with Neu Entity. We went through their brand attributes to lock down on their overall campaign outlook. This strategy session was to understand what was the campaign all about, who was it for, how is it going to benefit the vendors and visitors.

With the brand strategy in placed, Neu Entity was able to come up with a couple of moodboard options and a stylescape to ensure that their social media posts are cohesive and connected with one another. We also assist them with the flow of the posts to ensure that they are link. Neu Entity was also involved in the creation of Lalooonline logo.


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