The Blockchain Alliance
Neu Entity has recently had the chance of working with some really great people for a noble cause for the blockchain industry.

We were introduced to a couple of lawyers and blockchain related business owners in December 2015, to help design a brand for an entity called Blockchain Alliance.

As you may know, we have been designing for many FinTech companies, a lot of them in the blockchain industry. The people within that industry, and the people who support them, they all believe that blockchain technology is the next big thing. It is in the same league as the technology of flight, or railroads, or the internet itself.

With the advent of a new and great technology that will change the world, interestingly, the first adopters have always been criminals.

In fact, Jason Weinstein (counsel for Blockchain Alliance and partner at Steptoe & Johnson) said, “If criminals are not using your technology then there’s something wrong with it”

For example, with the internet, criminals were exploiting it with cyber crimes and getting away with it long before the dot com bubble.

In the mid-90s, law enforcement around the world turns to the young and growing internet industry to learn how to fight this new crime wave.

An alliance of experts in both industry and law enforcement made great progress in allowing law enforcement to understand the technology deeper and being able to conduct investigations, track and apprehend the criminals.

Now, Blockchain (and bitcoin) is getting some bad press as being related to terrorist activities, specifically terrorist financing.

As expected from mass media, the focus is always on sensationalized topics. So, this negative perspective gets highlighted much more than the true overwhelming benefits of the blockchain technology, and how it can boost industries and decentralize currency, changing how we have been doing business and actually living in this world.

With all the fear and doubts revolving this technology thanks to some criminal activity and lots of bad press, the public and governments are hesitant to adopt this at the speed it deserves.

Blockchain Alliance was formed to reach out to law enforcement to help them understand this technology so that they can secure the industry, from ill-intent individuals who seek to exploit this promising new tech.

In just a span of 3 months since they were announced, the Alliance has the support of various law enforcement agencies around the world such as the Department of Justice, FBI, Homeland Security, IRS, US Secret Service, Marshall Service, Europol and Interpol.

We are proud to be a part of this effort in securing a revolutionary technology and being part of an alliance to serves to strengthen the industry through security.

We’ve done an infographic on this subject, for your reading pleasure.

tech and criminal activity

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