Things To Note When Going Live On Social Media

Last Update: 22 June 2020

Article Category : Commentary

We have been streaming live on social media more than usual ever since the beginning of Circuit Breaker (lockdown in Singapore) and part of the reason is that living in this digital era, we believe that our online presence will help us build a stronger brand identity.

By having a strong online presence, you are able to build connection and stay reliable with your potential customers and target market.

One of the ways to build that connection with your customers is by going live. Both Instagram and Facebook are powerful social media platforms to build your online presence on and they both allow you to conduct live streaming on both platforms.

I’ll be sharing with you some things to take note of when going live on social media.

1. Promote before going live

If you’re about to go live, it’s probably a mistake if you don’t promote your brand and let everyone know when you schedule to go live. If you realize, we always promote the live stream before actually going live. As of right now, we have “Teabreak with Neu Entity” which is every Wednesday and “Neu Academy” which happens once every 2 Fridays.

By promoting your brand before going live, you give your customers something to anticipate which would mean you get more viewers when you do go live.

It’s also helpful to have incentives, such as holding Q&A to let your customers know your brand better, holding an interview, or announcing something special.

This way, you let your viewers run with curiosity as to what’s going to happen when you go live. This also makes the perfect marketing opportunity for your branding.

Teabreak with Neu Entity Live - Social Media Live Streaming

2. Host a Q&A

The last thing your customers want to feel is that you’re too stiff. By hosting a Question & Answer portion during both your Instagram Live and Facebook Live, you become more engaging and interactive to your potential customers. Also, by doing this, it helps us position ourselves as brand experts because we are answering the questions.

Most importantly, this is the perfect opportunity for your customers to know your brand or the people in your company better. The mistake most brands make with their digital marketing is they focus on sales and less on building rapport with their customers and clients.

The thing about online presence is that it’s the perfect opportunity to show the authenticity and honesty of your brand, and why customers should choose you.

You’d be surprised at how customers choose a brand because you’ve already built the trust via the live streaming.

3. Announce your new product

If you have new products to launch for your business, the perfect time to announce that is when you’re live on either Instagram or Facebook. This is the perfect marketing strategy because customers tend to pay more attention to live videos rather than social media posts or articles.

Videos are known to be more effective since they’re naturally engaging and captivating.

If you have new product lines to launch soon and you want to let your customers know, saying this all on video is your chance. In fact, going live and sharing your new products is how you ensure that it gets the attention.

This is your chance to explain what your new products are all about and why your customers should go check them out.

For example, we actually revealed that Neu Entity is proud to be the First Official Wix Partner in Singapore during one of our Facebook Live Streaming.

4. Be authentic

Your customers usually want to see something real and authentic regarding your brand and why they should rely on you in providing their needs and wants. Instagram Live or Facebook Live gives you a chance to do so.

Unlike relying on just your website or social media marketing to do this, going live means they get to hear who you are and what you’re all about DIRECTLY from you.

They won’t read about it scrolling through social media, but they hear it straight from you. Like Ferdaus shared in the live stream with SMCCI, customers need authenticity and honestly because it makes them feel like you aspire to have a strong connection with them, and you aren’t just doing it for sales or image.

If you can, you can even show them an unedited reel on what your business does behind the scenes. You can show them what defines your brand when everyone isn’t looking. Show them vulnerability, transparency, and realness- and that’s how you gain the attention of your market.

These are just 4 tips with regards to going live on social media with your business. Take note that it isn’t much about branding or gaining more revenue, but it’s capturing the attention and curiosity of your views.

If you’re only starting out and have yet to do any live streaming, don’t worry about having the right camera or microphone.

The goal is to keep them engaged long enough to want to know more about what your brand offers and where they fit in that picture.