The web is adapting and constantly evolving and if you recall, just a few months ago, I did a recap on the website trends in 2018.

Website designs and structures are changing at a fast pace that it is almost impossible for website owners to keep up with the trends. However, it is crucial to differentiate between a solid trend that will yield results and a passing craze (we call it the Shiny Object Syndrome here in the Neu Entity studio).

That’s why I have compiled top 5 web development trends to expect in 2019:

More Usage of Push Notification

Push notifications have become a trend lately and will become more and more relevant in 2019. What started out as a simple way of prompting web visitors to take action, is now a widely used strategy to increase conversions. It is one of the latest web development trends in technologies.

If you have ever visited a website and somewhere on the top-right or top-left corner you see a pop up asking you for permission to allow a site to send you notifications, then you have seen push notification.

This works better for mobile users and can give web owners an extra edge in competition. You can set push notifications in two ways
a)By signing up for a push notification platform such as Push Crew
b)For WordPress users, you can install a plugin for sending push notifications. One Signal is one of the most popular plugins for push notification

Just recently, my dad was looking at shoes and called me to actually help him make a purchase because “Hanafi, I received a notification there’s a sale! We should get it now!”

One-Page Websites

In an attempt to improve user experience on a site, web developers are trying to limit the number of pages a site has. People do not like navigating around pages in search of information.

This is why in 2019, you will see a lot of one-page websites popping up in an attempt to improve user experience and ensure speed and convenience. Or at least websites with lesser number of pages.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

PWAs are not a new thing, but they have blossomed in 2018 thanks to the increased studies of tracking consumer behaviour. These apps are based on three programming languages: HTML, CSS, and JS.

PWAs are designed to make it easier for users to interact with an application, thereby boosting customer conversion. Most of these apps do not need to be installed. They operate like Facebook or Twitter. We will see more of these apps in 2019.

Android users have this with Google’s Instant App which allows you to just go to the website but use it like an app. Amazing!


Although videos are taking over, most of the information on the internet still remains in text format. Web owners are doing their utmost best to make text look more appealing to their audiences.

This is where typography comes into play. There are many new fonts that are being invented to make text content look better. We are most likely to see many innovative fonts in 2019.

Multimedia Longreads

In today’s world, more and more people are doing away with the classic way of presenting content whereby you place a solid long text and a few images. Today, long texts are full of animations, icons, texts, and pictures.

They aim at telling a long story in short, simple words. For this, you will find more website owners using fewer texts and more visualizations.

Bottom Line

It is not just enough to have an appealing website; it is a must to have a website that converts. More and more innovations will be made to increase conversions and user experience. All the above 5 trends will aim at improving conversions and user experience.The author, Hanafi Mohd Sam, also blogs at
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