Why Seasoned Entrepreneurs Should Take Social Media Seriously

06 September 2017

Hi everyone — this is Ferdaus from Neu Entity — and today I wanna talk about why you should really pay attention to social media, even if you consider yourself as a seasoned entrepreneur.

If you are a seasoned entrepreneur, I would assume that you understand what it takes to run a business. Chances are you’ve figured it out… you’ve built your business from the ground up to where you are now and your strategies and tactics work.
You might’ve played around with social media a bit… but if you haven’t given it serious thought… i really think you should. And here’s why.

You see, the state of marketing today is such that everything is moving towards digital. And one perfect validation for that is how the government is pushing for this — with all its grants, initiatives, courses and so on.

You’ve also probably noticed how younger entrepreneurs are breaking in and leveraging on social media as a key component to their business plan.

How is it that they are able to succeed? And I’m talking about the handful who do succeed. Coz for every one that made it, there are probably 99 who didn’t.

The reason is that they understand the shift.

I’m talking about a shift in attention — from traditional media to social media. They probably see it within their own generation… and that might make it easier for them to engage in social media more comfortably. But this shift of attention — it’s actually affecting all ages and demographics.

There is a massive adoption across social media. We can argue about how each platform is doing but there’s an article published by international business times that shows a 41% increase in the age group of 35-54 year old users and a whopping 80% increase for the 55 year old and above demographic.

Another factor is how people buy in today’s social age. If you or your spouse or your child has bought something online recently, try to examine the journey from the point you became aware of the product to the point where you paid for the product.

This is what we call the user journey. And in today’s age of digital marketing a user journey is rarely one simple linear path.

You can expect that your potential customers will bounce from one micro moment to another… all contributing towards the final decision and action of making that purchase.

Social media is super important in that regard as well — when your prospects search for validation, or some testimony that you’re the right fit for them… they are going to be looking online —
they’ll search on google or check you out on Facebook — just to see if your culture, your messaging and overall brand feels right for them.

They would also socially validate you by looking at the amount of people you have following you — and if their friends are on that list.

So in conclusion, if you haven’t already started utilising social media as a serious part of your marketing, I think you should consider it.

thanks for watching this short video and if you have anything to add or discuss, please leave a comment. Like and share if you like it.

Thanks and see you next time.

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