WordPress Web Development Trends in 2018

06 August 2018

Hanafi Mohd Sam
As most of you already know, I tend to create websites on WordPress which I feel is an undisputed leader in the world of content management system (CMS) websites.

Its popularity is attributed to its rich content and presentation (and plugins, of course!). It offers exceptional features and tools which makes it easy for web designers to develop user-friendly, responsive, and SEO friendly websites.

This content management system keeps on evolving and improving every day to match with the industry trends and provide its users something new every time.

I’ll be sharing with you below some of the latest WordPress development trends in 2018 that you need to be aware of. Understanding these trends will help you know what will work and what will not.

Enriched user experience through micro interaction

WordPress is embracing micro interaction trend to enhance user experience. This trend provides excellent visual feedback through their smooth transitions. The interactions keep the user engaged and excited which is a great way of attracting and retaining traffic to a website.

Parallax Design and Website Responsiveness

Most people are accessing websites through mobile devices. It is therefore essential to make sites responsive to give users an easy time when using them. This is particularly true for e-commerce websites where the ease of use can attract or send potential customers away. Such websites should be easily accessible through mobile devices since most people are purchasing while on the move. This will make your business grow.

Parallax design is the trend behind making the one-page website more responsive. Through parallax scrolling, a site gains a responsive feel and look. WordPress is implementing this trend to boost user engagement and interaction.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one trend that is taking the world by storms from all sides. This trend is being used in gaming, scientific research, training, tours, and business simulation among other applications. Well, this trend is now in web development. WordPress is embracing this trend where it supports virtual reality content and 360-degree videos and pictures.

There are several plugins already available to aid in integrating virtual reality technology into web design. These WordPress plugins are enhancing the user experience and business. The uses of virtual reality are thrilling, and when applied in web development, it will give users a captivating experience.

Video Headers

Adding video content to a website is a smart branding and engaging users approach. Such content keeps users on your site for a longer amount of time and can enhance user experience. WordPress is now availing themes with video headers to make the inclusion of video content to a website easy.

Dynamic Changes by Drag & Drop

One of the things that makes WordPress an accessible content management system is the drag and drop capability. Every WordPress theme is now switching from static to dynamic regarding content editing and designing.

The dynamic mode will give an easy time for non-coder users. This will enable even those with little or no technical skills to have a smooth experience when using the platform. WordPress want to keep them motivated and taking such a move is a great way to achieve that.

REST API Upgrading

WordPress has upgraded the Rest API which makes the content management system more open. The feature allows easy sharing of content and easy management across the web. You can source content from any site on the web and give other users across the internet to do the same with your content. The same applies to Android applications and mobile iOS to do the same.

Duotone Designs

Use of dual tone designs is another trend making it big in WordPress web development. Designers are keen on experimenting with colours which will see the monochromatic trend being replaced by duotone designs.

Instead of using a bold and bright colour scheme, designers will be using an elegant colour scheme. The use of this designs assists in highlighting the typography of a website is a more brilliant way.


The above are some of the WordPress development trends making it’s hit in 2018. A WordPress website that adheres to the trends is bound to enhance the experience of the user. If you are running a commerce website, you know how important it is to give your site users’ a smooth experience. Your potential customers will have no excuse to leave your site for your competitor.

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