10 Marketing Tips during a festive season

Last Update: 17 February 2022

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You’re probably reading this because a festive season or holiday is approaching and you plan to do something for your company. And you probably should!

Every festive arrival means its rush hour for every business around. With the holiday season only beginning, it is important to plan your marketing campaign as much in advance as possible. During the festive season, lots of people make considerable purchases for themselves or for others who are closest to them. In fact, 60% of your annual sales can be expected during this period.

The festive season is here, and you know what that means: lots of sales! Below are 10 tips to market your product during this seasonal period. You must aim at getting in excess of 60% of your annual sales during this time.

Here are 10 Marketing Tips you can apply:

1. Email customers festival greeting

As the holiday season approaches, take a moment to think about your business and your customers.

Are you going to send out cards or other greetings? If not, should you? And if so, what should they say?

A lot of companies send out greeting cards at this time of year, but many of them say little more than “Happy holidays.” It’s just one variation of the classic “thank you for being a customer” message.

Have you ever thought about sending out holiday cards?

Creative ideas include things like greeting cards with quirky messages or pictures, cards with motivational quotes or tips on staying organized, and cards with tales of good times spent with family or friends.

A memorable message sent by mail will have a much larger impact than one delivered online, which might be because people trust what their postal carrier has to say more than they trust a website.

2. Be creative on social media

Rules for creative festival times:

1. Be creative! Don’t be mundane or predictable. Be original, different & interesting.

2. Don’t overdo it on Instagram & Twitter. Be quiet during big events and picky about your quotes

3. Be a sport and use your key highlights to share festival pics with your followers

4. Show us you’re human by getting out of the office and into the field to interact with real people (and have fun!)

5. Celebrate everything – good, bad or ugly – and always strive to be positive

6. Use the power of video to get across a story in under 5 minutes (or less!)

7. Ask your friends, colleagues and customers to tell their stories – then tell us what you think about them!

8. Engage with others online – if we all did, there wouldn’t be any need for social media at all!

9. Always remember that you’re not alone in this journey… if it’s hard for you, chances are someone else is struggling too

3. Offer samples and discounts

We’re all looking for the best deals — and you should too. Save and prepare for festivals by offering samples or discounts to your customers. It’s a great way to boost sales during busy periods when holiday purchases make up a large proportion of your sales. The biggest festivals period in India is between September to December, when companies sell 60 % of their yearly sales.

These offers or samples can help you win new customers, and if you’re able to give early-bird discounts through the brands’ websites, even better.

Have a strategy.

The key is to have a strategy that works for you and your customers. This can include having an email list or social media account that alerts customers to special offers, discounts or new products.

Make sure you keep track of which aspects of your strategy are working, so you can continue to grow your business and improve your service.

4. Ad Campaigns for Festivals

A festival is a day when people from all walks of life come together, irrespective of their background and celebrate the joyous occasion with pomp and splendour.

Festival ads are one of the most effective ways to reach out to your audience and make them remember your brand. It helps in creating an emotional connection between your brand and the consumer.

One of the ideas is to put forward a gift related to your brand that they can give their loved ones or maybe just have a competition where your customers can win something related to your brand.

You can also have an advertising campaign that highlights your product as a means to celebrate the festival.

Some key things you should keep in mind while running a campaign or creating ads during festivals:

– Make sure you give importance to all the festivals celebrated by your clients, including religious, national and even cultural holidays.

– Have a plan that is inclusive of all religions so no one feels left out or offended.

– Don’t just stick to the major festivals, but also include those celebrated by minorities too (like Chhath Puja for instance).

5. Sponsoring celebrations/events

Sponsoring an event is one of the best ways to connect with your target audience and make your brand image more popular.

You can cash in on this opportunity and provide them with a platform to do so and at the same time, you can ensure that your company and products are promoted through it and during it.

You can also keep some contests, quizzes, and a host of competitions to further promote your brand at the event.

6. Keep communicating

The festive season is around the corner. While the first thought that comes to most people’s minds is the time to celebrate and be merry, it’s also a good time to work on your business development.

I have been in sales for over seven years, and have seen businesses increase their revenue during the festival season. This article will give you some tips on how to generate more revenue for your business.

Keep communicating

Most people think that corporate clients and your customers would be busy during festivals. But this is not true for all. It is this time that they get the least calls for business development and a good time for you to pitch. So, keep in regular touch with your clients and customers during and after the festivals. The festive season brings with it a lot of stress due to its many associated activities, such as shopping and travel arrangements. This stress can make people short-tempered, so ensure you don’t do anything that will make them feel annoyed by you.

7. Cross-sell your products

Cross-selling is key when it comes to festivals.

When the official shop opens at 10 am, there are plenty of people eager to buy. But cross-selling means allowing fans to buy items two hours earlier than those who aren’t keen on buying before 11 am.

It means making sure your product is on sale throughout the day, rather than just at certain times. It means having a plan that works in both parties’ interests – cross-selling your products during off-peak times and pushing your recommended price up against the official price when it’s more profitable.

But there’s no reason why you can’t make money out of this. In fact, cross-selling is key when it comes to festivals. It means making sure your product is on sale throughout the day, rather than just at certain times. It means having a plan that works in both parties’ interests – cross-selling your products during off-peak times and pushing your recommended price up against the official price when it’s more profitable

8. Upsell your products

One of the most effective and painless ways to increase your sales is to upsell your products.

That means offering a more expensive or higher-quality version of the product a customer is already interested in.

A great example of this is when you go to a fast-food restaurant and they ask you if you want to upgrade your small fries and drink to medium ones, or even large ones, for just a few more dollars.

Upselling ensures that customers spend more money when they buy from you. Festivals are the best time to upsell because people want to spend money, not just fellow shoppers. Make sure to offer an overstock item at reduced prices throughout the day with plenty of time between each sale. This is the only way to ensure your customers have plenty of opportunities to buy your best products even when they might not have had time to visit your store before.

9. Run a contest/giveaway to get new customers

If there’s anything that’s true in the retail business, it’s that the more people you get into your store, the better. Running a contest during festival times leads to amazing sales.

There’s always some sort of promotion going on with some sort of prize to winners. Promoting your product or service is a great way to draw in new customers and fans, and it’s also a great way to keep existing customers happy.

Appreciate the people who come into your store the day you open it and leave after they’ve won something.

It’s crucial that you keep running contests so that your store keeps growing.

10. Be wise on Ad budgets during the festival period

If you have a limited Ad budget, it’s important to be wise. Advertising during festivals and special events is always advisable. Offering coupons or special offers can attract a large number of customers which could boost your business significantly.

You could easily generate hundreds of new customers by advertising smartly during festival season.

Ideally, you should spend half of your yearly budget during festival times to generate 60 % of sales.


The festive season is the ideal time to advertise your merchandise and get maximum sales. Now that you have read this article you’ll be able to market and sell your products like never before. And Check Ramadan marketing insight 2023 to help you understand your audience better.

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