Ramadan Marketing Insights 2023 to Grow your Business Revenue

Last Update: 16 February 2023

Author : Imran Tahir
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Ramadan, the Islamic Holy Month observed by almost two billion people globally, is just around the corner. During this time, Muslims come together to share the joy with loved ones. With each passing year, new discoveries and shopping behaviours emerge, and businesses can leverage these changes to grow their brand.

According to data from Meta, approximately 13.4 million people use Instagram to interact with their connections and community during Ramadan. This presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to establish a strong online presence and connect with their target audience.

In this blog, you will gain valuable Ramadan insights to help your business seize every opportunity and thrive during the month. Moreover, you’ll discover recommended solutions that can help you adapt and plan for it.

Ramadan Insight for your business

Spending during Ramadan

From the graphic above, you can see that people have been spending more and more on Ramadan and Eid in the past 3 years. From this, it is highly likely that people will spend even more this year which is an opportunity for your business to get more revenue. Meta said that 4 in 5 people believe that planning ahead financially for this Ramadan and Eid season is more important than ever, which means people want to do better during the Ramadan season. By implementing the five Ramadan insights and action steps that we are about to share with you, your business can take a significant step ahead of your competitors.

1. The Power of Video for Brand Storytelling

shoppers behavior on watching video
Firstly, video is a powerful way to tell your brand story. This is especially so during Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr as research shows that 65% of shoppers or observers spend more time watching video content during these seasons.

In the world of social media marketing, videos have become a crucial tool for businesses seeking to connect with their customers on a more personal level. Through the use of storytelling and compelling visuals, brands can showcase their products in action, allowing potential customers to experience them firsthand instead of simply reading about them in text. This dynamic approach can help companies establish a stronger emotional connection with their audience, ultimately leading to increased engagement, loyalty, and sales.

Recommendation Action for you to do:

  1. Explore the variety of video formats available to help drive different business goals.
  2. Help maximise your results with Instagram Reels content. You can read Instagram’s guide on how Reels works.
  3. Learn how to create better Video Marketing Strategy.
  4. You can also learn how to create effective storytelling video for your business.

2. Collaborate with Creator or Influencers to inspire new audiences

Collaborate with creators

Creators are a trusted gateway to reach and inspire new audiences. Collaborating with creators can be one of the most effective ways to reach new audiences. 59% of shoppers or observers are more likely to trust a brand that partners with a trustworthy creator.

As part of their marketing strategy, brands collaborate with social media influencers who have large followings and are trusted by their audience. This helps them reach new audiences and build loyalty among existing customers while showcasing their brand values in a positive light.

Recommended Action for you to do:

You should consider reaching out to influencers who have audiences similar to yours and see if they’d be interested in collaborating on something unique during Ramadan.

If they’re not already familiar with your brand, offer them free products or services in exchange for promotion on social media platforms like Instagram or Tiktok — this will help build awareness around your brand while driving sales revenues as well!

3. Using Augmented reality

Using Augmented realityTThe consumerism of Ramadan and Eid means brands have an opportunity to really connect with consumers in new ways using digital technology such as Augmented Reality (AR). Augmented reality puts your brand at the heart of the celebration. 83% of shoppers or observers who have used or are open to use AR agree it has an influence on their purchasing decisions. You can read this study case on how Sephora in the Middle East raises their brand awareness with Facebook Augmented Reality ads during Ramadan.. You can read study case on how Sephora Middle East, raising brand awareness with Facebook augmented reality ads during Ramadan.

Recommendation Action for you to do:

Consider creating an AR effect that aligns with your consumer sentiment during the season. For example, you can use AR to create an Instagram filter using Meta Sparks Hub.

4. Power of personalisation

64% of shoppers or observers have purchased from personalized ads on Meta technologies. It means that if you have a product that can be customized based on customers’ needs and wants, then you should definitely make use of personalised ads! You can do this by offering customizations such as different types, colors and sizes of your products.

This will help increase customer engagement with your brand and encourage them to buy more from you.

Recommendation Action for you to do:

1. Use Advantage+ shopping campaigns to help drive more online sales at a lower cost.

2. Create content or ads using Storytelling, you can learn more about storytelling in this blog post Why Storytelling In Marketing Is Important.

5. Strengthening connection with business messaging

 Strengthening connection with business messaging
Ramadan is all about connecting with people, 7 in 10 have used instant messaging services by Meta during Ramadan and Eid. This is an opportunity for brands to engage with their customers on an emotional level and build stronger relationships.

Recommendation Action for you to do:sx

1. Direct Messaging Facebook
Direct connection to Facebook makes building relationships convenient and personal.

2. Whatsapp Business
Allows people to discover, communicate and transact with any business.

3. AI Tools
You can use AI Tools that help you to auto reply your website visitors. You can check on what AI Tools that can help you here.

When to Start Your Ramadan Campaign or Marketing?

Check out this infographic for commerce-planning time frames. When people start planning their Ramadan and Eid purchases:

Ramadan Marketing time framing

So to answer question When to Start Your Ramadan Campaign or Marketing? 60% people start to buying before Ramadan.


So, what can you do? Well for starters, start planning early. Start building your plan weeks before Ramadan so you have enough time to put everything together and gauge the market. Use Ramadan as an opportunity to start that online marketing campaign that you’ve been putting off. Having trouble with that? Fret not, Neu Entity as Branding and Marketing Agency is ready to help you build your Ramadan Plan! Schedule a call with our experts today!

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