Top Creative Agencies in Singapore 2023

Last Update: 21 July 2023

Author : Sarah Atan
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Table of Contents
1. Definition of a Creative Agency
2. How to Choose a Creative Agencies in Singapore for Your Business?
3. Top Creative Agencies in Singapore

Are you a business owner in Singapore looking to take your brand to the next level? Choosing the right creative agency can make all the difference in creating a powerful and engaging brand presence.

Let’s dive into the essential factors you should consider while selecting a creative agency to boost your business and The List of Top Creative Agencies in Singapore.

Definition of a Creative Agency and Its Role in Marketing and Advertising

When we talk about creative agencies, we refer to specialized entities that play a crucial role in the world of marketing and advertising.

These agencies are the driving force behind successful branding and marketing campaigns for businesses in Singapore.

Their primary focus is to use their creative expertise to create captivating and innovative campaigns that resonate with the target audience.

A creative agency’s role goes far beyond simply designing eye-catching visuals. It involves a comprehensive understanding of the brand’s identity, values, and target market.

By delving deep into market research and consumer behavior analysis, creative agencies can craft strategies that effectively reach and engage potential customers.

They carefully choose the right channels and mediums to deliver the brand message, maximizing its impact and ensuring it reaches the right people at the right time.

How to Choose a Creative Agencies in Singapore for Your Business?

1. Check Their Portfolio and Past Clients

The first step in choosing a creative agency is to take a close look at their portfolio and past clients. A reputable agency will proudly showcase their previous work, giving you a glimpse into their creative prowess. By examining their portfolio, you can assess whether their style aligns with your brand’s vision and goals.

Consider the diversity of their past projects. Have they worked with businesses similar to yours? A creative agency with experience in your industry can bring valuable insights and understanding to your project.

Ask for case studies or success stories from their previous clients. This way, you can gauge their track record in delivering successful campaigns and projects. Positive outcomes with past clients can indicate a reliable and effective agency.

2. Customer Reviews

Apart from studying their portfolio, customer reviews provide valuable insights into an agency’s performance. Look beyond the testimonials on their website and explore third-party review platforms. This will give you a more unbiased perspective on their strengths and weaknesses.

Read what other business owners in Singapore have to say about their experiences with the agency. Pay attention to aspects such as communication, responsiveness, creativity, and meeting deadlines. A creative agency that consistently receives praise for their professionalism is likely to be a dependable choice.

3. What Technology They Use

In today’s digital age, technology plays a vital role in creative projects. A forward-thinking agency will leverage cutting-edge tools and software to enhance their design and marketing efforts. Understanding the technology they use can give you an idea of their commitment to staying up-to-date with industry trends.

Ask about the software they employ for graphic design, web development, and digital marketing. A creative agency that invests in advanced technology demonstrates a dedication to providing high-quality, innovative solutions for their clients.

4. What Services Do They Offer

Consider the range of services the creative agency provides. Depending on your business needs, you might require a full-service agency that can handle everything from branding and design to social media and content marketing.

If you need specific services, such as logo design or website development, ensure the agency specializes in those areas. A specialized agency often excels in their niche and can deliver exceptional results.

Moreover, assess if the agency offers customizable solutions to meet your unique requirements. Tailored services can help your business stand out and make a lasting impact on your target audience.

Top Creative Agencies in Singapore

1. Wunderfauks

Wunderfauks, founded in 2010, is an integrated creative agency that specializes in delivering new and innovative experiences. From creative expression to campaign execution, communication, and creative implementation,

Wunderfauks offers customized and targeted solutions with a strong emphasis on achieving tangible results rather than just engaging in activities. Their website also showcases the cutting-edge technologies they employ.

Wunderfauks Clients

– National Youth Council
– National University of Singapore
– Plaza Premium Lounge
– Heinz
– Aerotel
– W Energy Drink

Wunderfauks Services

– Brand Strategy & Placement

Wunderfauks Details

Email Address
Contact Number +65 6635 2236
Google Reviews 5 Stars,
1 Google review
Address 68 Kallang Pudding Rd, #06 04
Singapore 349327

2. Crio Collective

crio collective

Crio Collective, located in Singapore, is a leading creative production agency that excels in providing top-notch photography and video production services customized for both individuals and businesses.

Conveniently positioned in the heart of Toa Payoh, just a 10-minute walk from Braddell MRT station, their production studio is fully equipped and well-prepared to handle projects of varying sizes and complexities. The agency takes immense pride in offering clients a stimulating and nurturing environment, allowing their creative concepts to materialize into reality with unparalleled precision and excellence.

Crio Collective Clients

– Propnex
– Manulife
– Mediacorp

Crio Collective Services

– Family Photoshoot
– Graduation Photoshoot
– Corporate Photoshoot
– Product Photoshoot

Crio Collective Detail

Email Address
Contact Number +65 9469 1000
Google Reviews 5.0 Stars,
180 Google reviews
Address 1008 Toa Payoh N, #05-04/05/06,
Singapore 318996

3. Fleava

Based out of Singapore and Bali, Indonesia, Fleava has earned a reputation as one of the top-quality Digital Agencies worldwide. The company’s focus has consistently been on crafting enjoyable, intuitive, engaging, and remarkable experiences for its clients and their audiences.

Notably, Fleava has been recognized for its excellence and innovation by winning awards from

Fleava Clients

– Samsara resort
– Jannata resort
– Club raia
– Fine dine club
– Karma Group

Fleava Services

– Digital Strategy
– Branding
– User Experience
– Web + App Development
– Media Production

Fleava Details

Email Address
Contact Number +65 9469 1000
Google Reviews 5.0 Stars,
1 Google reviews
Address 266A Tanjong Katong Rd,
Singapore 437053

4. Neu Entity

Our experienced team of designers, copywriters, and strategists work together to create stunning visuals and compelling messages that resonate with your target audience and drive results.

We are aligned towards brands that are ethical and good in nature. Brands that are out there to create an impact — whether they are businesses, organisations or personalities.

Neu Entity Clients

– OurMadrasah
– OurMasjid
– Agent Shahid
– SpaceChain
– Cass Munshi
– Limo2go

Neu Entity Services

– Logo Design
– Identity System
– Design Direction
– Website Design
– Collateral Design
– Stationery & Signages
– Social Media Branding

Contact Neu Entity :

5. TBWA Singapore


TBWA Singapore, a culture-defining creative agency in Singapore, is renowned for its innovative approach that dares to challenge conventions and disrupt the norm. As the Disruption Company, TBWA takes pride in its philosophy of embracing disruption, which has led to numerous successes over the years, consistently positioning them among the top 10 global advertising agencies worldwide.

TBWA Clients

– Singapore Airlines
– Singapore Tourism Board
– Standard Chartered
– Cabital

TBWA Details

Email Address
Contact Number +65 6225 5288
Address 991C Alexandra Road,
#01-12, Singapore 119971

6. JAB Design

JAB is an esteemed institution that holds membership with The Design Society Singapore. Leveraging a vast network of designers, writers, project managers, and producers, JAB harnesses the power of synergy. Each team member brings extensive experience, having shouldered senior responsibilities within the design industry.

Jab Clients

– Travel Smart Journeys (TSJ)
– Singapore Airlines Style Guide
– Five Nines Restaurant
– Chiro Fleet Marking
– NONYA Recipe Book

Jab Servics

– Identity & Branding (including Logo Design)
– Graphic, Interactive & Environmental Design
– Copywriting, Editorial & Publishing
– Campaign Development & Management

Jab Design Details

Email Address
Contact Number +65 6994 1381
Google Reviews 4.9 Stars,
50 Google reviews
Address 1 Kallang Junction
Level 6 Vanguard Campus
Singapore 339263

7. fewStones

fewStones, boasting over 11 years of experience, is a specialist in producing captivating corporate videos, explainer videos, animation videos, and more. Their approach is centered around gaining a profound understanding of their clients and their objectives, enabling them to effectively communicate their stories in the most engaging manner. Additionally, for those seeking enhanced employee engagement, fewStones also offers the creation of corporate news videos.

fewStones Clients

– Next Trip
– Zendesk Messaging
– Aries Gold
– Dathena
– Sim Global Education

fewStones Services

– Live Action
– 2D Animation
– 3D Animation
– Photography

fewStones Details

Contact Number +65 6817 1167
Google Reviews 5.0 Stars,
113 Google reviews
Address 190 Clemenceau Ave, #06–01,
Singapore 239924

8. Delitier & Co

delitier co
Delitier & Co. is a proficient digital agency that combines creativity and data to connect effectively with the target audience. Their emphasis on research and user personas reflects their dedication to delivering tailored and visually appealing experiences across various digital platforms. The agency’s approach seems well-rounded and focused on achieving meaningful engagement with their clients’ audiences.

Delitier & Co Clients

– Sanrio x Trulife
– Haach
– Hand Sanitisers by Maison 21 G
– Vouch
– Chanel

Delitier & Co Services

– Creative Consultancy / Direction
– Visual + Motion Design
– Social Management

Delitier & Co Details

Email Address
Contact Number +65 9001 9820
Google Reviews 5.0 Stars,
13 Google reviews
Address 10 Ubi Cres, #01-19,
Singapore 408564


Choosing the right creative agency in Singapore is a pivotal decision that can significantly influence your business’s growth and success. By considering factors like their portfolio, customer reviews, technology usage, and service offerings, you can make an informed choice.

Remember, the perfect creative agency is one that not only aligns with your brand’s vision but also brings fresh ideas to the table. Take the time to research and engage in conversations with potential agencies to find the perfect match for your business needs. With the right creative partner by your side, your brand can thrive and make a memorable impact on your audience.

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