Social Media Content Types That Get People To Engage

Last Update: 17 March 2023

Author : Ferdaus
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Social media marketing can help increase brand awareness, brand recognition, and sales while improving your relationships with customers. A quality social media content plan can help you earn more followers and reach more people.

Social media content plans are necessary because they help you see all the types of content you’re sharing over the course of a month. They can also help you plan for the future.

But sometimes every marketer and creator reaches a dead-end when thinking of themes and topics for their social media content plans.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 6 Social Media content types that get people to engage.

Content Types

1. Educational

Educational posts are one of the most effective types of social media posts because they are informative and helpful for your audience! These types of posts have a longer shelf life than other types of posts, because people tend to keep them around for future reference (especially if it relates to something they might need). Educational posts can educate about anything from how to use products or services offered by your business, to how to use an app or software tool in an efficient way. Educate your customers on how to do something better!

Some examples of Educational Content types

– Tutorial

Tutorial Content
Source : Neu Entity Instagram

– Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks
Source : Neu Entity Instagram

– Guides

Guides Content
Source : Neu Entity Instagram

– Checklist

Checklist content example

2. Engaging

Engaging content is one that can easily get your audience to interact with it. This could be through the use of videos, images or gifs. The more interactive your content is, the more likely it is to go viral and reach a larger audience.

Examples of Engaging Content

– Behind the scenes

behind the scene content
Source : Neu Entity Instagram

– Relatable content

relatable content
Source : Neu Entity Instagram

– Funny Content

funny content
Source : Neu Entity Instagram

3. Inspiring

These posts are meant to inspire people by telling them about things in life worth striving for. Inspirational posts should be uplifting and motivational, but not cheesy or over-the-top cheesy (no pun intended). They should also be easy to relate to by anyone who reads them.

Examples of Inspiring Content

– Your achivement

Inspring content example
Source : Neu Entity Instagram

– Personal Stories

Personal stories content
Source : Neu Entity Instagram

– Lessons

lesson content example
Source : Neu Entity Instagram

4. Entertaining

Entertaining content is a great place to start with your social media strategy because it’s easy to create and share with your audience. This can be anything from funny videos, memes,funny pictures, quotes, challenge, puzzles and GIFS.

funny content example

5. Informative

Informative content is all about educating your audience. It includes things like helpful resources,industry news, and facts. This type of content is best for businesses that have a lot to say about a specific topic or industry.
information content
Source : Neu Entity Instagram

6. Promotional

Promotional content is any type of post that promotes your company or product. This could include photos, videos, infographics or links. The goal of this type of post is to entice people into buying from you or signing up for something (e.g., an email list).
promotional content


Choosing what content to post is just as important as choosing when to post. There are no hard and fast rules, so make sure you’re posting the social media content types that appeal to your target audience.

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