Social Media Posting Checklist: Before Posting

Last Update: 17 March 2023

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If you are a social media marketer, then you know the importance of content. You already posting on your social media, but the result still not align with your goal?

It may be because you don’t have a strategy to post on social media. Or maybe, there are some mistakes that you’ve made in posting content.

Here are some checklist before posting to help you improve your social media marketing:

1. Share a countdown to encourage people to turn on notifications

The countdown is a great way to get people excited about your post, and it’s also useful for making sure they don’t miss it. You can use instagram stories to share countdown of your post or use countdown post.

countdown example

2. Respond to all comments on your previous post

If you haven’t posted anything new lately, this step can be skipped, but if you have a previous post that has comments, take some time to respond to them so that people know they aren’t being ignored. This will also help build up goodwill with readers and potential customers so that they continue coming back for more content from you in the future!
comment on previous post

3. Like all comments on your previous post

This one may seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget. After posting something new, take a few minutes to go back through your previous post or posts and like or favorite any comment from users who responded positively to what you were saying. This will help make sure that those people know they were heard and appreciated by you or your brand — which will make them more likely to engage with future content from you as well!

4. Ensure that your caption includes hashtags and catchy hook

Hashtags help you get more exposure for your post because they help search engines categorize it and make it easier for people to find it online. They also allow other users to see what other people are posting about and join in on the conversation by adding their own content with similar hashtags in their posts too!

A catchy hook can be anything: a play on words, a pun or just something funny or interesting that will make people want to click on your post or comment on it so others can read what they have to say too!


You can start to doing the above checklist before you post your next post. in summary, Engage with people, Comment back on their posts, and Use stories to wait for your post. You can follow these to get more exposure.

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